We craft joy

At least that’s what we wish you. Studio Luluche is a design studio based in Vevey, Switzerland. We design the Luluche® play mat that we manufacture in Treviso, Italy.

Created by a dad
for his boy

At the origin of Studio Luluche, there is Lucas, 39 years old webdesigner. Lucas has two boys aged 5 and 2. As well as the most wonderful woman (but let’s not let it get too much out). In January 2020, Lucas spends a few evenings drawing a present for the eldest’s birthday. The very first Luluche is born.

I designed the first model of the Downtown Boogie play mat for our son’s birthday. I wanted to do something unique, to create the perfect mat for playing with toy cars. The one I would have dreamed of as a child.

Lucas von Mumpf

The Luluche spirit

The story of Luluche is the story of a gift designed especially for and with the spirit of a child. It is the joy of play for the little ones (but also for the big ones) and the pleasure of giving something really special that gave birth to Luluche. This spirit is at the heart of our work.

  • February 2020 The gift
  • April 2020 The idea of Luluche
  • July 2020 Series 1 sold out
  • August 2020 Design of the new map
  • September 2020 Creation of the brand
  • November 2020 Pre-series
  • January 2021 Open for business
Luluche - Ideal gift for kids playing with toy cars