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Downtown Boogie CLASSIC

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1 x 2 m // Boogie Town’s essentials for a size to fit any child’s room. The sirens are whistling in the city center and some shady business is going on somewhere in the commercial area. Anything can happen in Boogie Town. A unique play mat for small toy cars.

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Full of assets, this carpet for small cars

Luluche - Gift kids love for playing with toy cars

Hours of play, limitless stories

A Luluche offers children from 4 years old to 10-12 years old an unlimited universe of games that they will never tire of. Whether it's with little cars, a Brio® train, Lego®, little military men, etc., a Luluche accompanies all kinds of games and scenarios.

On the scale of diecast cars

Why do no commercial carpets respect small toy cars? For a Luluche, it is natural that the roads are to the scale of the children's favorite little cars and you won't see any buildings, drawings, or anything else encroaching on the roads.

Luluche - Circuit and race for small toy cars.
Super big play mat with roads for small toy cars

A unique map each time

Tired of game mats that repeat the same pattern of streets and buildings several times? No such thing with a Luluche: each street, each neighborhood is unique.

Easy to clean and store

Made of vinyl, a Luluche is easily vacuumed and cleaned with water. Simply roll it up and store it behind a door or under a bed for example. A Luluche can be stored in the evening, like a toy, and can even be taken everywhere with you.

Vinyl playmat with roads for toy cars