What’s coming soon?

Nouveaux accessoires pour les petites voitures

I have just received the first samples of a few little new things I’m cooking up for soon.

First of all goodies like bags so that you can take toy cars (or other things) everywhere with you. Mugs too. Although they could be more for parents than for children. The mug of tranquility: “Luluche. Hours of play, hours of tranquility”.

Now these are still nice goodies. Yet something more essential to the game is coming soon…

Stickers for a change of scenery

I am preparing a range of reusable stickers to add fun to your Luluche. The first tests are pretty cool!

Great accessories for toy cars

A terrible crime has just been committed in Boogie Town?

Don’t worry, I don’t think I’ll include pools of blood in the “Emergency Services” series. This is a test sample. But the picture gives a foretaste of the stickers to come.

What can we do with these stickers?

The stickers will help to enrich the stories by providing additional decorative elements.

“To all units, code red at the angle of Sunset and 54th!” What if you don’t have Sunset Boulevard or 54th Street? I am planning a series of street signs: name it, paste it, play. Customize each street of your Luluche according to your wishes.

Another example, imagine transforming your Luluche into an urban racetrack for small cars by sticking red-white stripes in the curves, start and finish lines, stacks of tires, bales of straw etc.! As the stickers are repositionable you will be able to create always different circuits.

Not to mention fires, road works, police lines, and many other things. I’m looking forward to adding these accessories to the Luluche collection because they’re going to be really great!