The lab says YES!

A month ago, out of awareness of the supplier’s indications, I sent samples of Luluches to an independent analysis laboratory to verify compliance with toy standards. The answer has just arrived, and everything is OK!

What is checked?

Strict regulations surround the marketing of toys and children’s items. Without going into detail, the standards concern not only the components used for manufacturing but also factors such as the physical behaviour of the toy or its resistance to fire. Simply put, the aim is to assess the chemical and physical risks of a toy. And to make sure that no prohibited elements are present in the toy, such as certain phthalates when it comes to plastic objects.

What about a Luluche?

A Luluche mat is relatively simple compared to a toy that would have multiple, removable parts, batteries, etc.

Samples are tested in the laboratory to determine the content of chemical elements with names as poetic as phthalates, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, cadmium, etc. Mechanical and physical properties as well as flammability are part of the tests.