Thanks kids!

A teacher – whom I will not name but who will recognize herself – was kind enough to accept two Luluche mats in her class. The mission? To expose them to a stress test in real conditions.

But what was my surprise to receive in return a folder full of thank you drawings made by the children. This little attention is very touching!

In all honesty, we laughed a lot at the studio watching each drawing. It’s hard to tell which one is the most adorable! We were able to see which elements on the Luluches are the most striking for the children. One or two kids are even particularly observant because they drew a rather discreet element of the decor…

Top 3 of the most represented elements :

  1. The lake (close to the playground, why is that?)
  2. The rondabout
  3. The ice cream merchant

As for the discreet elements… shhhhhhh.